At thePilatesLab we provide the most State of the Art Approaches in Human Movement and fulfill the needs of the body for strength, flexibility, balance and well-being. You will improve your posture, relieve your system from stress and get a centered body without pain. Our teaching method relies on modern scientific knowledge with regards to proper biomechanics, while maintaining the traditional standards of precision and attention to quality. Unlike studios that operate with a “fad fitness” mentality, we instead focus on anatomy, physiology, and functional movement principles offering re-education of Kinetic patterns –body imbalances– that may incur small or bigger problems in the future.Whether you are new to Pilates or experienced, untrained or an athlete, whatever your age or physical condition, at the Pilates Lab you will discover a world of intelligent movement experiences that will take your mind and body to the next level. We will plan the relevant program for you and tailored to your needs. Very soon you will find yourself in a step by step process of re-gaining back your body, bringing more and more back energy, joy and freshness to your system and life.

To be Continued…


Athina Daniil, owner of the Pilates Lab“For us every session is also a co-experience
we share with you for your improvement.
We welcome you with respect and caring.”

Athina Daniil
Polestar Pilates Practitioner
Owner of thePilatesLab