Studio Location

Our studio is located at 1 Xenias street, at Mavili Square in Ampelokipoi, across from the U.S. Embassy (see map) in the center of Athens. The location is served by the metro and by many bus and trolley lines. It is also extremely convenient for travelers / visitors to Athens.

Detailed instructions for access by the Metro

Take Metro Line 3 and get off at “Megaron Music Station”. Select the exit marked “Vas. Sofia / Eginition Hospital” which will bring you in front of the “Veneti Bakery”. Opposite and right in a row, you see “Parko Eleftherias” then the Athens Concert Hall (“Megaron Mousikis”), right next, the U.S. Embassy and then Mavili Square. Staying on the side of the street you exited on, walk in the direction of the square. You walk past “Aiginitio”, “Aretaio” and “Alexandra” hospitals and, facing Mavili Square just across, you find Xenias Street on your right.




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